How to Turn iOS 9’s Keyboard Back to All Caps

John Gruber shares how to keep your iOS 9 keyboard *always* displaying All Caps. *Thank you Mr. Gruber.*

iOS 9’s keyboard has a big change: the alphabetic key caps change case — they’re lowercase when typing lowercase, uppercase when Shift or Caps Lock is engaged. Android and Windows Phone keyboards have always done this.

I don’t like it, and I’m not alone.

The good news: You can turn this off and go back to the way the keyboard was meant to be, with all caps alphabetic keys all the time. The confusing part: For some reason, the setting for this is not in Settings: General: Keyboard. Instead, it’s in Settings: General: Accessibility: Keyboard.

Source: Daring Fireball: How to Turn iOS 9’s Keyboard Back to All Caps

Slate – Mobile Lapdesk

So I got one of these, a Slate “Mobile Lapdesk”. Having it gives me a much needed second option whenever I want to take a break from my standing desk.

Up until this past July, I’ve worked at some form of a desk my entire fifteen plus year career. Now that I’ve gotten used to working on my laptop’s smaller screen, I love being able to unplug and work anywhere.