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Month: September 2016

Meet Graham

What if you re-engineered the human body to survive a low impact car crash? Project Graham shows what such a…

Vicinity: Ambient noise enhancer

Looking for an ambient noise solution that doesn’t require an Internet connection? Vicinity for Mac is a menu bar app…

About Gary Johnson’s “Aleppo Gaffe”… – @mwender on Medium

I wrote another post on Medium today. This time my topic is politics, specifically Gary Johnson’s gaffe about Aleppo yesterday….

iPhone 7 Impressions – Marques Brownlee

Alright, if you’re a regular reader, my guess is you know all about the latest iPhone 7 Apple introduced yesterday. That’s not…

Snipcart – a JavaScript-based shopping cart

Whenever I’m developing a website, I like to keep things simple. More and more these days, I’m finding that I enjoy building…

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