My favorite thing about being a freelance web developer is being able to talk to a client, help him/her define his/her specs, and then I’m able to go off and code the solution. Not being a “middle man” makes the process quick/efficient for everyone involved. #webdev #coding

Today I figured out how to use #JavaScript Promises to get and validate an API token I use in my #React app to communicate with my #WordPress REST backend. For me, it was quite the accomplishment. 💻 👨🏻‍💻

We were at a party last night. Our girls were downstairs playing. There were all sorts of dollhouses and things for girls. However, my inner ten year old boy was delighted to come upon my daughter playing with a set of plastic army men.

Whenever I’m authenticating via #FaceID, I find I smile and try to “look my best”. You ever catch yourself doing the same?

While driving to work this morning, I saw five big, red dump trucks moving along in a stately formation. It made the eight year old boy in me smile. 🙂

This morning marked my return to the gym after almost a month hiatus. So nice to be back after having the crud for two solid weeks.

Just finished bingeing on Homecoming, the new Amazon Prime series starring Julia Roberts, and created from @Gimletmedia’s podcast of the same name. Fantastic show, great characters, great cinematography, gripping story. Highly I recommend.