I keep thinking it’s Friday. However, it’s not, and that’s a good thing. I could use an extra workday this week.

Upgraded to #macOS #Mojave over the weekend. I’m loving the following:

• Dark Mode
• Integrated Screenshot app
• Over all my dual 4K displays look sharper*

*Did #Mojave upgrade my eyesight? 😉👍

Seventeen years into my freelance #webdev career, and I still love a quiet morning, rainy day outside, and me in the office working to engineer a solution for a client.

Given Google’s #Chrome browser keeping you signed into Google pretty much all the time now, this morning I’m reacquainting myself with #Firefox as an alternate development browser.

Persons who send me actual photographs of their screen instead of screenshots are only slightly less annoying than that prospective client who proposed sending me faxes with his website change requests.

Yesterday I felt like a hummingbird as I darted from task to task in my queue. So far today has been much more ??‍♂️