I ended 2022 here on a bit of a streak, posting for five consecutive days and announcing the return of this blog after a couple year hiatus. Now heading into 2023, I’m taking a look back at my stats for 2022.

Top 5 Posts of 2022

Despite the fact that I didn’t post much on here in 2022, since this site has been around since 2014, it’s earned a good bit of “google juice”. I’ve got a lot of great “long tail” content on here that ranks well in searches. Therefore, I have quite a few posts that receive their fair share of highly targeted traffic. Here are my top performers for 2022:

  1. Thanks to me, your next Dunkin’ coffee will be just right (3,056 views) – originally published back in 2018, in this post I claim that, “After getting our orders wrong for months, I helped our local Dunkin’ fix a nationwide problem with their new ordering system.” Now based on some feedback I got over on Reddit, it may be dubious as to whether or not my claim is true, but whenever I return to my reporting, I keep coming back to the fact that the manager at my store confirmed my findings.
  2. HowTo: Restore Elementor’s “Default Kit” after accidentally deleting it (1,718 views) – this post is notable because in 2022 I gained clients in San Diego and San Francisco due to their googling and finding my solution to the problem.
  3. HowTo: Flip an SVG horizontally with CSS (1,237 views)
  4. HowTo: Align the last item to the bottom of an Elementor column (828 views)
  5. How to Clear Chrome Redirect Cache (231 views)

Overall, in 2022 this site received 7,590 Visitors and 9,189 Page Views. As a general rule, the more you post, the more search engine spiders will start taking notice and checking your site. This results in more organic traffic. If I continue posting frequently throughout 2023, it will be interesting to look back to this in 2024 to see the growth. Here’s to a good 2023 of blogging!