I love these things. I discovered Brooks Ghost a couple years back after I’d experimented running in my Vibram FiveFingers (i.e. minimal running shoes). The whole minimal thing didn’t last long with me as I started noticing a nagging pain in my hip. So, I took it easy for a while, saw a chiropractor, and when I was ready to run again I found that the Ghost was just what the doctor ordered.

With the Brooks Ghost, I find I can easily run every other day and even every day for short stretches. That’s saying something considering I’m more of a hobbyist runner in my late forties. Their neutral support level really meshes well with my gait. They provide me with the perfect amount of cushioning that allows me to extend my runs and keep coming back for more.

Now that I’m a couple years and a couple hundred miles down the road into my “Ghost experience”, I find myself ordering a new pair at the start of every year. I like to keep a fresh pair in my closet for whenever my current set starts to wear down.