Yesterday I came downstairs to find my wife lying on the bed covered head-to-toe with pillows. “I have the croup,” she said.

I was shocked. She’d been a bit under the weather with a cold last week, but I thought she had been on the mend. Before I had a chance to say anything, our daughter, age 4, walked in with another round of treatment.

My worst fears were assuaged. I realized that my wife would be completely recovered within a matter of minutes.

This is getting to be my SOP on my client’s sites: 1) Update to #WordPress 4.9.8. 2) Install/Activate the “Classic Editor”. My clients are not fans of #Gutenberg yet. It is adding too much friction to the writing/composing process.

Now entering my 17th year freelancing, I finally have a drawer in my office desk. These things are so handy! How did I ever get by?

Is there a way to manage multiple G-Suite accounts via one “super user”. Currently I have 30+ G-Suite admin user account logins in my password manager that I use for logging in and managing client’s G-Suites. Any way to do this by granting access to one user across multiple orgs?

We had a great view of Mars last night. If you haven’t seen it while it’s at its brightest in 15 years, I *highly* recommend looking up at night during these next few days. It’s currently the third brightest body behind the Moon and Venus.

So nice to come back from a long vacation and have everything running smoothly in the home office. Seriously, the past two days have been my smoothest post-vacation days ever.