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Love this repository of paper airplane designs: Fold N Fly ✈

I keep thinking it’s Friday. However, it’s not, and that’s a good thing. I could use an extra workday this week.

HowTo: Add a new sending address to your Gmail

This is an old trick, but as my clients ask me about it all the time, I’m providing the following instructions on how to add a new sending…

Upgraded to #macOS #Mojave over the weekend. I’m loving the following: • Dark Mode • Integrated Screenshot app • Over all my dual 4K displays look sharper* *Did…

One of life’s simple pleasures: a quiet house on a Sunday afternoon.

Did you notice the new Shortcuts app that comes with #iOS12? Here’s a great video showing you how to use them: Hey Siri, Drive My Tesla

Seventeen years into my freelance #webdev career, and I still love a quiet morning, rainy day outside, and me in the office working to engineer a solution for…

Given Google’s #Chrome browser keeping you signed into Google pretty much all the time now, this morning I’m reacquainting myself with #Firefox as an alternate development browser.

Reminder: You gotta play this song at least once today: September – Earth, Wind, and Fire

It’s so cool to watch old episodes of The Office and know that’s Jack Ryan, not Jim Halpert.

August Challenge complete! All Rings closed for 31 straight days. #AppleWatch #CloseThoseRings

This week I’ve learned that focus stacking plus my macro photography is a great combo. And, Affinity Photo is a great tool for making that happen.

We’re taking in the pregame before #1 Oakland takes on #3 Maryville.

Persons who send me actual photographs of their screen instead of screenshots are only slightly less annoying than that prospective client who proposed sending me faxes with his…

Handy little resource: Self-host your Google Fonts via the google-fonts-helper #webdev

Got an Apple Watch? Do you Close Your Rings? If you have one and don’t know what I’m talking about, you should check out: Close Your Rings –…

One year ago on this day, we were out on the lake watching nature’s greatest spectacle. The Great American Eclipse of 2017

Yesterday I felt like a hummingbird as I darted from task to task in my queue. So far today has been much more ??‍♂️

In the past I’ve gotten my ratios wrong whenever I try to brew a small portion of loose leaf iced tea. This recipe fixes that: Iced Jasmine Tea

Iced Jasmine Tea

Ingredients 2½ teaspoons of loose leaf jasmine tea (4 bags) 2 cups hot water (195ºF/90ºC) 2 teaspoons sugar or 2 tablespoons of honey 2 cups cold water Directions…