Today has been like: ✅, ✅, ✅ as I work my way through my queue. So nice. I feel so productive.

Closed out the workday cleaning my office. There’s no telling what I’ll accomplish tomorrow. ?

Tip: Having your code under source control (i.e. #git, #svn, etc) makes it so much easier to get back to speed on a project if you’ve been away from it for months or even years. ?‍??‍?

Today I re-instituted one of my time-honored traditions: The midday run. Now back in the office, I estimate I’ll be back to normal operating temps by 5pm. It was blazing ?️ out there.

I spent this morning figuring out how to use PHIVE  to securely distribute my #cli tool sshman (i.e. SSH manager). Use it to manage multiple SSH server connections via a text file in your $HOME directory.

I prefer sshman over trying to remember 20+ aliases I’d need to configure in ~/.ssh/config. In addition, sshman gives you the option of specifying a list of users to choose from when connecting to a particular server. You can check it out here:

Despite having never heard of it until a month or two ago, Safari Technology Preview has quickly become my new favorite browser. Coming from #Chrome, it took some time to learn its idiosyncrasies, but now I love to use it for #webdev.

We still get a surprising amount of use out of our 1st Gen iPad. There are still a lot of kids apps that work great on it. We use it for videos on road trips. How about you guys? Your favorite piece of old hardware that you still use?

@hartlco much ❤️ for Icro. I look forward to when you add the option to choose my posting category for my self-hosted blog. Great initial release though!

First time ever: Just used Universal Clipboard from my Mac to my iPhone. I’d tried in the past, but it wasn’t working. Perhaps an update fixed it somewhere along the way. ??‍♂️