Today was another morning where I woke at 5am and was in the home office shortly thereafter. Before getting started on coding a WP-CLI command for a webapp I’m building, I helped one of my clients track down a setting inside their MailChimp account. After subscribing to their list, it was giving users an incorrect link back to their website. I got that fixed, and then I got busy with the rest of my queue for the day:

Hold that thought. Once I got busy coding, I needed to pull the WordPress database from my production site down to development. However, when I went to run wordmove, I got an error about it not finding an openssl dependency. My command line tool was completely borked. I suspected that stemmed from me installing powershell late yesterday when I was trying to setup some DKIM records for my client who needed help with their Office 365 emails getting marked as spam. Long story short, I ended up fixing my problem by reinstalling and upgrading ruby. Whew!

  • Finished coding a wp cli powered import – This import takes a CSV and imports the rows into Advanced Custom Fields for a custom post_type I have setup in my client’s site.
  • Helped a colleague get a handle on Elementor – I’m helping one of my clients transition to an Elementor-powered website. Today I had a nice UberConference with said client where I was able to show him many ins and outs of editing with Elementor. We came up with a plan whereby he will build out pages. Then he’ll point me to them so I can “clean them up”.
  • Quickly banged out a Facebook feed image promoting a client’s upcoming book signing – I’ve got a client who has a book signing coming up in a couple weeks. She had a graphic of the cover of her book. I used that graphic to in a Photoshop comp to create a timeline image she used in Facebook.
  • I spent a good chunk of the day coding on a WordPress plugin that I’m using to provide additional functionality on a client site. Today’s work mainly focused on extending a couple of shortcodes I use to pull out Advanced Custom Fields data for display on the frontend.