My queue has been packed. In addition to starting a new business in December, all my usual webdev clients have kept me busy too. Lately I have the tendency to get to the end of the day feeling a bit overwhelmed with everything left to do in my queue. So, as I have time, I’m going to start posting lists of my #wins for the day. Here’s today’s list:

  • Successfully “wrangled” a client’s domain – As a part of the on-boarding process for my new clients, I like to get their online presence “buttoned up”. Initially this means tracking down where they have their domain registered. After a couple days of sleuthing, today we finally located the registrar account for my client’s domain. We knew where it was registered, but the account we’d logged into didn’t have the domain. Today we finally found the correct account. Woot!
  • 1 hour client web conference/work session – Long calls take a lot out of me. Afterwards I have to chill for a bit. It’s good to remember that calls done well really help my clients learn the capabilities of the websites and systems I build for them. Plus, they’re great for building great rapport between the developer (i.e. me) and the client.
  • Early morning coding session – It’s currently crunch time for a project my client and I want to launch in March. This morning I was able to start writing code for it shortly after 5am. Anytime I can get going that early I’m always pleased with what I’m able to accomplish as mornings are my most productive time of the day.
  • Helped a client track down some “missing” event registrations – One of my clients accepts event registrations on her WordPress site via WooCommerce + The Events Calendar. This past fall we added a plugin which allows “partial payments”. This morning I helped her figure out that those partial payments wouldn’t show up as attendees for her events until she changed their order statuses to “On hold”.
  • Updated a client’s logo with the ® symbol – Back in 2018/19, I built a React powered app for my client. That app included a logo for the app which my client just received copyright registration for. Today I was able to update the logo in the app to include the “®” symbol.
  • Helped a client with a custom WordPress shortcode I coded yesterday – Yesterday I had a client who needed to list some special WooCommerce products by “product_cat” and “product_tag”. Today she was able to successfully implement my shortcode except for on one page. I was able to identify the error in her implementation and get things working so she could launch her new pages.

The above list doesn’t cover it all, but it does capture a good bit of what I was into today.