Welcome to Macintosh Season 3 – Coming Summer 2017

Recently I received a hand-written note, a t-shirt, and some stickers from Mark Bramhill, host of Welcome to Macintosh. Described as “a tiny show about a big fruit company“, Welcome to Macintosh has covered the history of Macworld Magazine, the use of skeuomorphs in Apple software, the Apple rumor mill, and more. If you’re a fan of Apple and you don’t subscribe to the podcast, stop reading this and add it to your podcatcher right now →.

Getting back to that note, t-shirt, and stickers: They were a thank you for backing Welcome to Macintosh: Season 3 on Kickstarter. When I pledged my support, I knew I would be getting the t-shirt, but the note and stickers were a very cool bonus, a perfect example of what I love about a good podcast.

By their nature, podcasts have such a great “indie” feel. Whenever I listen to an episode, it’s not hard for me to imagine the final steps of the host (or perhaps staff) as someone uploads the MP3 and publishes it for distribution. Then it’s “magically” whisked to eager ears everywhere.

In the case of Welcome to Macintosh, you can tell the show is a labor of love for Bramhill. Each episode is well-researched, diligently produced, and masterfully edited. The show is at the top of my favorites, and I can’t wait for Season 3, coming this Summer.

When will this happen?

This past quarter, Netflix added over 7 million new subscribers surpassing its estimates by 2 million. This coincides with their decision to add 600 hours of original content this past year at a production cost somewhere north of 5 billion. This year they plan to add 1000 hours of content with a budget of over 6 billion. All this growth has many speculating that someday they’ll have the power and capital to enter the live sports market. [Source: BBC News]

All this speculation has me wondering if we’ll ever see something like you see in the graphic I made for this post.

Rename Email – Chrome Web Store

You ever hate it when you receive an email with a poorly crafted subject? For example, “Hi”. Looking at that subject gives you no indication of the email’s contents.

Until now, the only option you have in Gmail for renaming a subject is when you reply. That does nothing to the name of the original thread. That’s where the Rename Email Chrome Extension comes in. It lets you rename your emails without replying: