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1D Pac-Man

1D Pac-Man 👈 Just click the link. You’ll be like, “Wha!?” at first, but you’ll quickly get it. 🙂

Ambiphone – ambient music + sounds for work, study, etc

Bookmarking this one as I’m always game for some great ambient music during extended coding sessions. From the creator on HackerNews: I built this free, no-nonsense white noise…

Endel – My Current Office Jam

Endel is an app that generates “personalized soundscapes to help you focus, relax, and sleep”. I’ve been using it in the office this past week. It provides a…

ElementOracle – Open AI + WordPress + Elementor

Such a nice little proof-of-concept: Here’s an Elementor plugin that provides OpenAI integration. Feed it text prompts, and it uses OpenAI to generate text for your website:

Links of Interest, Issue 28 #WordPress

I’ve mentioned in here that I’ve started a podcast. This week it dawned on me why I enjoy it so much. It’s the one place where my main…