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My Microblog is where I publish short “tweet-style” posts. Rather than posting directly on a third-party social network, I post here, and my feed gets syndicated across the web via

With the pre-run air temp at 96°, I plan to make the finish for today’s run about 50 ft into the Atlantic.

Georgia Peach

Here’s a new flavor variation I found at a Harris Teeter. It’s quite delicious.

  I’ve always wanted to try a Moxie. Looking forward to having this one once it has a chance to cool off in the fridge.

When optimizing #WordPress page load times, I like to keep things simple. Here’s where I start: Optimizing WordPress for Speed

I often use Fridays for professional development. Today I’m going to try out #VSCode.??‍? Visual Studio Code – Code Editing. Redefined

Favicons in Safari? Yes. They’re finally available in Safari Technology Preview. HT @gruber

A while back the #NYTimes published that story about the Navy pilots and their UFO sightings. Now here’s this follow-up to the 2016/17 story about strange noises and…

My favorite highlights from today’s Apple keynote: WWDC 2018 Keynote Highlights

Quick show of hands: How many of you are timing your lunch break to coincide with the #WWDC Keynote? ?

I’ve considered switching careers and becoming a playlist curator. ? Here’s my latest: Chill by @mwender ?

I was just introduced to Twine, a tool for telling your own interactive, nonlinear stories (i.e. Choose Your Own Adventure and more). It makes it so easy to…

This wasn’t even mine, but I had to share the shot. A lovely beverage…  

Overnight Oats

Ever tried overnight oats? They’re a favorite breakfast of mine. Here’s one of my recipes: 1/2 cup of dry oats 1/4 cup of Greek vanilla yogurt 1/4 cup…

The crowd and location for tonight’s dance recital makes it quite the event.

I took a macro of some fennel we’re growing in our backyard, and I’m really digging it as my wallpaper.

Happy #GDPR Day everyone! If you’ve been getting a ton of Privacy Policy updates, that’s why.

My Friday queue included a quick update to the EDGE Security Conference website. Now in its 3rd year, the date for Nashville has been announced with info on…

Here’s a look at our backyard up close, real close. #olloclip

I love it when I came back to a project, start extending my code, and my own error messages explain how to continue. Thank you past self. ?

Such a productive morning. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t check email until after 11:30.