FeedPress — Feed analytics done right.

It’s no secret that Feedburner is going away pretty soon. What would happen if you lose all your Feedburner subscribers? Don’t wait for a Google “Spring Cleaning” announcement, migrate right now. ~ FeedPress

I was looking for a syndication solution for this site, and FeedPress was exactly what I was looking for. It’s the modern successor to Feedburner.

Startup Framework for WordPress – Drag & Drop Theme

Here’s a fabulous implementation of a Drag & Drop one-page website builder for WordPress. I encourage you to try out the demo: Enter your email, and you’ll be playing with the theme in the amount of time it takes to check your inbox.

Things I love about this theme: Edit your site via the frontend for a true WYSIWYG experience, intuitive controls, clean design elements, and flexibility for adding your own layout and design elements.

Startup Framework for WordPress – Drag & Drop Theme.

Getting up-to-speed with AngularJS in 1 day

For some good reasons, I found myself needing to learn AngularJS…. fast. I decided to document this down so that this will serve as a good refresher for myself or a point-blank “getting started” for other developers. Without further ado, this was how I did it in roughly 10 hours of development time. ~ colintoh.com

jQuery – Click to reveal content

See the following effect I created to tighten up the layout on my client’s home page:

jQuery - Click to reveal

The above animated GIF (click the graphic for a fullsize view) shows a “click to reveal” button I created using jQuery. The effect is reusable throughout the website’s theme by simply adding .reveal to the parent row.

Re/code Drops Comments | Re/code

The Re/code blog has decided to drop comments in favor of discussions happening elsewhere:

The biggest change for some of you, however, will be that we have decided to remove the commenting function from the site. We thought about this decision long and hard, since we do value reader opinion. But we concluded that, as social media has continued its robust growth, the bulk of discussion of our stories is increasingly taking place there, making onsite comments less and less used and less and less useful. ~ A Note to Re/code Readers | Re/code.

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