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Castro 2 — Play and Share Podcasts

Ok, since we all know what a *podcast* is (think Serial), it’s time we had a talk about your podcatcher….

Enki – Daily Coding Workouts

I’ve really been enjoying my daily coding workouts via Enki. I’ve got it set to notify me each day at…

Three Great Apps for Online Security

This week I’m highlighting three great apps which help improve your personal online security. Read on to find out how…

Lingvist – learn a language in 200 hours

Lingvist is an app for learning a new language quickly. Lingvist is the first language-learning tool to harness the potential…

Chhirp – Tweet Your Voice

An app for tweeting audio: Chhirp – Tweet Your Voice.

Fiverr Faces

Fiverr Faces is an app that makes great use of Fiverr’s vertical: affordable web labor. Upload your photo via their…

Notegraphy, Writing Made Beautiful

It’s like Instagram for words: Notegraphy, Writing Made Beautiful

Be My Eyes ~ Lend Your Eyes to the Blind

Be My Eyes, crowd-sourced help for the blind: Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with volunteer…

App Santa - Award-winning apps, up to 80% off for Christmas appsanta.co

App Santa – Award-winning apps, up to 80% off for Christmas

Some of my favorite apps, @DayOne, @MindNode, and MileageLog+, are on sale: appsanta.co App Santa is back, and bigger than ever before!…

Sortd - Email organization for Gmail www.sortd.com

Sortd – Email organization for Gmail

It’s the first ever Smart Skin for Gmail & Google Apps. Sortd brings your emails, your tasks and your priorities together…

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