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Aseprite – Animated sprite editor & pixel art tool

Next time you’re looking to build a retro, 2D platformer, Aseprite might be a great tool for creating all your graphics.

Snappa – The Graphic Design Tool For Digital Marketing

I’m frequently in search of “easy button” solutions for my clients. One common source of frustration is finding high-quality graphic creation…

{placebear} – bear-themed placeholders

I’ve always loved using placehold.it for quickly grabbing placeholders for insertion into my designs. Now there’s {placebear} for inserting bear-themed…

SVG Loaders – Sam Herbert

Lovely collection of SVG loaders for your UIs: SVG Loaders by Sam Herbert

Astropad – Transform your iPad into a professional graphics tablet

Astropad is an app which promises a professional quality integration between your Mac and your iPad. Oh, and it’s built…

Create infographics & online charts – infogr.am

Plug in your data, and infogr.am generates your charts, graphs, and more.

Retro Vectors

I’ve always known vectors are hip, but adding some retro to them is the coolest: RetroVectors.com

Flaticon.com – free vector icons

Flaticon.com is a fabulous resource for finding all sorts of icons. Looking for vectors to use with your social media icons?…

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