Last.Backend – Visual Docker Containers Orchestration platform

Last.Backend looks to be a docker deployment tool with the following features: Works with any cloud service Drag-and-drop interface for visually configuring your server build and deployment Deploy from GitHub/BitBucket Monitoring and logging It seems like an approach which is similar in concept to Development and deployment have never been so simple: Create stacks, build & […]

VPS Hosting and HIPAA Hosting by Atlantic.Net offers VPS hosting. They interest me because they offer a low-end VPS for $0.99/month. You read that right, ninety-nine cents per month. The specs on it (256MB Ram, 1 vCPU, 10GB disk) probably only make it useful for dev work, but their quick deployment (30s) and 24/7/365 live support have me interested in trying out their offering sometime.

DigitalOcean Is Now the Third Largest Hosting Provider, WordPress Droplets Account for 23%

At the end of October, Netcraft reported that “more than 23% of the active sites hosted at DigitalOcean are running WordPress, compared with less than 10% of all other active sites around the world.”

Netcraft reports that DigitalOcean is currently netting more than 68,000 new customers per month. In general, developers seem to appreciate the speed of deployment, the simplicity of the hosting interface, and the API for managing droplets and resources.

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