Carbo — Handwriting for the digital age

Carbo is an iPad app for capturing your writings and drawings. Once you’ve brought them into your device, it gives you options for making edits, organizing, and more. It seems similar to Adobe Shape CC, but has more features.

Carbo is an application for people who love handwriting. Just use your favorite pen and paper as you usually do, without any constraint. Carbo will let you capture, edit, and organize your notes, design sketches, and whiteboard drawings, bringing handwriting into the digital age.

Source: Carbo

Think with Paper by FiftyThree

I’ve long been a fan of Paper by FiftyThree, grabbing the app when it was first released. Then I also bought their stylus, Pencil. Combine the app and the hardware, and you’ve got a really natural drawing interface on your iPad.

Now, FiftyThree has updated Paper with a new set of tools: Think. Given my inclination for precision, these are my favorite kind of drawing tools. Via its “intention engine”, the Think toolset lets you quickly draw all manner of shapes, fill them with color, and cut, copy, and move them around. That means I can create diagrams, charts, and mockups with just the right combination of polish and “hard-drawn” feel.

Think Kit’s Diagram, Fill, and Cut tools make it fast and easy to draw charts, diagrams, graphs, flows, wireframes, and models. Use them to sketch perfect shapes and connectors, and create presentation­-ready visual model. Anything you create can then be exported directly to PowerPoint, Keynote, or your favorite iPad apps, and shared with colleagues everywhere.

Source: Think with Paper by FiftyThree

Osmo for iPad

Osmo combines an iPad and physical objects for a cool learning/play/education environment for kids.

Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays. ~ Osmo