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ECLIPSE – charging station

The neat freak in me loves things that help me reduce clutter on my desk or at my nightstand. The ECLIPSE looks to do just that. It features…

The Lomography New Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens by Lomography — Kickstarter

“Bokeh like a boss,” says it all. Lovely “bokeh control” lens from the folks at Lomography. Check out their Kickstarter.  

PENXO – 2mm lead holder pencil — Kickstarter

Penxo is a very cool, very minimal 2mm lead holder pencil available on Kickstarter. Penxo is a minimalist 2mm lead holder with no springs, buttons, or mechanical parts….

CrowdLoot – Best Kickstarter Projects

CrowdLoot is a curated list of cool Kickstarter projects. Crowd Loot is the place to find out about the latest, coolest stuff on Kickstarter. Or at least we…