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Welcome to Macintosh Season 3 – Coming Summer 2017

Recently I received a hand-written note, a t-shirt, and some stickers from Mark Bramhill, host of Welcome to Macintosh. Described…

iskn – the Slate

The Slate lets you use your favorite pencil and a sheet of paper. Then your drawings get instantly reproduced on your…


Like using keyboard shortcuts on your Mac, but can’t remember them? CheatSheet requires that you only remember one: Simply hold…

Six Colors: Three culprits that were eating up my Mac's disk space sixcolors.com

Six Colors: Three culprits that were eating up my Mac’s disk space

I was able to find some extra disk space on my Mac by cleaning up two out of three of Three…

Numi — beautiful calculator app for Mac OS.

Visit the Numi website and watch the demo video. I think you’ll agree it’s a cool little calculator. Numi is…

CheatSheet - Know your shortcuts www.mediaatelier.com

CheatSheet – Know your shortcuts

The key to being a “power user” is knowing your keyboard shortcuts. CheatSheet for Mac OS X helps you learn…

Ghostnote – Contextual notes for Mac OS X

Ghostnote is a new concept in note taking. A folder, a file, an application, a document in an application or…

Useful Mac usefulmac.com

Useful Mac

Useful Mac – a resource for making your Mac more useful.

CURVED/labs: Original Macintosh – 2015 Concept

If you follow Apple-focused blogs, you may have seen this one during the past couple of days. If not, this…

Satellite Eyes for Mac satelliteeyes.tomtaylor.co.uk

Satellite Eyes for Mac

Satellite Eyes is a simple #Mac app that automatically changes your desktop wallpaper to the satellite view of where you…

Page Layers – Website Screenshots For Mac OS X

Web page screenshot to PSD w/ Page Layers: www.pagelayers.com #mac #webdev Page Layers is a website screenshot app for Mac OS X….

MacGap - Develop native Mac Apps with HTML/JS/CSS macgapproject.github.io


Develop native Mac apps with HTML/JS/CSS: MacGap MacGap provides HTML/JS/CSS developers an Xcode project for developing native OS X Apps….

Spectacle for Mac - move and resize windows with ease spectacleapp.com

Spectacle for Mac

Spectacle – move and resize windows with ease.  

Flashlight - Spotlight's missing plugin system flashlight.nateparrott.com

Flashlight — Spotlight’s missing plugin system

The missing plugin system for Spotlight via Flashlight — Spotlight’s missing plugin system.

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