Rebecca Litchfield – Photographer

I came across Rebecca Litchfield‘s work in a post last week. It was highlighting her photo series, Soviet Ghosts. These are pictures of abandoned buildings in the former Soviet Union and its satellite states.

Clicking through to her site, I enjoyed looking at her other photo series on all manner of old, decaying, abandoned buildings. Seeing all these works of men subcombing to the ravanges of time and neglect has a haunting, apocalyptic quality to it.

Vist her site: Rebecca Litchfield Photographer | London Fine Art Photography – Home

$30 off your next CanvasPop order

I’m a big fan of CanvasPop. I have three CanvasPop photos in my office. Their signature product is your photos printed on canvas. The combination makes for a fabulous presentation. I like them so much I just ordered a Christmas gift for someone on my list. During my checkout, I received a referral link good for $30 off your next CanvasPop order.

My @canvaspop prints arrived today. Looking forward to having my girls watch over me in the home office.

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