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Flying a Drone with React and Node.js

One of my favorite developer/communicators, Wes Bos, has put together a two-part video series where he shows how he built a Node.js backend and a React frontend to…

This style guide framework appeals to the #techcomm, #webdesign, and #webdev in me. https://www.catalog.style/

Biggest Freelancing Fear

Biggest fear when I started as a freelance #webdev 17 years ago: my skillset stagnating. Without co-workers in an office setting, I was afraid I wouldn’t gain the…

Whenever I’m coding in #React, I find the more screens the better.

Made with React

These guys are just getting started (i.e. there’s only two pages of links), but I like where they’re headed: Made with React is “a collection of websites and applications…

Panther.audio – Spotify Music Discovery

Panther.audio is a Spotify powered music discovery app built with React. Very cool, you should check it out.