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Napkin for OS X – Say it with a picture, skip the 1,000 words

I love their tagline: Say it with a picture, skip the 1,000 words. Need to markup an image and send it to a colleague? Napkin can do that…

Writepls. A curated list of articles to help you write and publish online. Write. Please.

Writepls – Write Please – A curated list of articles to help you write and publish online

Ticketbase – Ticketing Reinvented

Looking for an EventBrite alternative? I like the look of Ticketbase.

A Developer’s Guide to Contributing to WordPress Core

Been looking to contribute to WordPress Core, but you don’t know where to start? Ian Jones over at Delicious Brains has written our guide: A Developer’s Guide to…

Gridgum | Responsive Bootstrap Themes | Bootstrap WordPress

Gridgum is a marketplace for responsive themes and templates. Our aim is to provide the best collection of responsive themes including Bootstrap themes, WordPress themes, Admin templates and…

SC5 Style Guide Generator

Roll your own browser editable style guides with a UI built with AngularJS: SC5 Style Guide Generator – Informative and easily navigable live style guide which can be…

Pixel-perfect Isolated Stock Images

Pixel-Perfect Isolated Stock Images Versatile Photoshop files prepped and design-ready via pixelsquid.com

Materialize – Material Design CSS Framework

Materialize – a modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design.

jQuery Sheetrock

Sheetrock is a jQuery plugin for querying, retrieving, and displaying data from Google Spreadsheets. Use it to load entire sheets or leverage SQL-like queries to treat Google Spreadsheets…

Useful Mac

Useful Mac – a resource for making your Mac more useful.

Formspree | Functional HTML forms

Looking for a place to submit your HTML form on your static site? Formspree.io will forward your form to your email. Just send your form to our URL…

How to Learn Vim – The Best Tutorials for Vim Beginners

Nice collection of Vim tutorials via @labnol: How to Learn Vim – The Best Tutorials for Vim Beginners.

Illustrator SVG Exporter

Exporting SVGs from Illustrator is a slow, laborious process—this script fixes that. The script doesn’t waste your time with GUI or settings you’ll never use. You just run…

The UX Reader – MailChimp – MailChimp UX

Our friends at MailChimp have made their eBook on User eXperience available for free: At MailChimp, we love to show our work—partly because it makes us better at…

MINI – A super-simple naked PHP boilerplate

MINI is “a super-simple naked PHP application, useful for small projects and quick prototypes.”