Responsive Tables in Pure CSS

We recently overhauled our payment statement tables for mobile web in Merchant Center. Our goal was to meet the following requirements:

  • No javascript. You can find all sorts of plugins to but it’s nice to go with a pure CSS solution if at all possible.
  • The text must be localized so no storing plain text in the stylesheets, nullifying Chris Coyer’s recommendation though the end result is built upon his idea. Plus it’s nice to keep the content in the views where it belongs.
  • No adjusting the font-size to 8px and cramming everything in 🙂

via Responsive Tables in Pure CSS – LivingSocial’s Technology Blog.

Startup Framework for WordPress – Drag & Drop Theme

Here’s a fabulous implementation of a Drag & Drop one-page website builder for WordPress. I encourage you to try out the demo: Enter your email, and you’ll be playing with the theme in the amount of time it takes to check your inbox.

Things I love about this theme: Edit your site via the frontend for a true WYSIWYG experience, intuitive controls, clean design elements, and flexibility for adding your own layout and design elements.

Startup Framework for WordPress – Drag & Drop Theme.