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Three Great Apps for Online Security

This week I’m highlighting three great apps which help improve your personal online security. Read on to find out how to add an extra layer of security to…

HelpSpot Vault – send passwords securely

You shouldn’t be sending passwords and other sensitive account details via email. Vault by HelpSpot is a secure way to send your passwords with encrypted, expiring text. Vault is…

Share private information with others that self-destructs after first viewing. – OneShar.es

Next time you need to send someone something like an account login or a password, OneShar.es lets you do this in a secure fashion. Paste your data into…

Meteor Security Checklist – Meteor Club

Meteor Club has published a nice MeteorJS Security Checklist.

SSLMate – Buy SSL certs from the command line

Buy SSL certs from the command line. SSLMate is the easiest way for developers and sysadmins to buy SSL certificates. ~ SSLMate

Command Line Random Password Generator – sepisoad/rpg

rpg is a command line tool that helps you create random password which you can use for any purpose. ~ sepisoad/rpg

Security advisory – High severity – InfiniteWP Client WordPress plugin | Sucuri Blog

If you’re using the InfiniteWP WordPress Client plugin to manage your website, now is a good time to update. While doing a routine audit of our Website Firewall…

Four-year-old comment security bug affects 86 percent of WordPress sites | Ars Technica

This article a great reminder as to why you should always keep your WordPress install updated with the latest version. If you’re running the latest version of WordPress…