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WP LCache - WordPress Plugins wordpress.org

WP LCache — WordPress Plugins

I’ve got a couple of WordPress sites that would benefit from an LCache implementation. The WP LCache plugin will make…

Dropbox Uploader #bashscript with DB backup, Dropbox Upload, and Old File Deletion

I’ve got a couple of databases that I like to backup nightly and upload to my Dropbox. Key to this…

Links of Interest: Serving WordPress

I’ve been developing WordPress-powered websites since 2008. When I started, I was dependent on my web host for my server builds….

EasyEngine – WordPress On Nginx Made Easy!

EasyEngine makes it easy to set up and manage your own VPS with WordPress sites running on Nginx. EasyEngine (ee)…

OpsDash – Server Monitoring Done Right

OpsDash looks like it will fit in nicely with my web hosting workflow. OpsDash is a self-hosted server monitoring, dashboarding…

Sandstorm – open source server platform

Sandstorm makes managing your own server as simple as setting up your smartphone. Setting up your own installs of popular…

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