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Shady Characters

If you’re a fan of typography, you’ll like Keith Houston’s Shady Characters blog. Get the back story on your favorite marks of punctuation. Keith Houston‚Äôs blog about the…

Typ.io: Fonts that go together

Typ.io – find out what fonts designers are using on beautiful websites. We’re revealing designers’ decisions for all to see; peeking under the hood of beautiful websites to…

type.js – typography tools for better web type

Type.js allows you to write new CSS properties to take finer typographic control of type styles on the web. ~ type.js

AIGA | The (Mostly) True Story of Helvetica and the New York City Subway

There is a commonly held belief that Helvetica is the signage typeface of the New York City subway system, a belief reinforced by Helvetica, Gary Hustwit’s popular 2007…

Type Genius

Find the perfect font combo for your next project ~ Type Genius.