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uiGradients – Beautiful colored gradients

Next time you need a nice gradient background for your HTML, check out uiGradients. Great presentation and selection.

Web Design in 4 minutes

This is just lovely. In Web Design in 4 minutes, Jeremy Thomas takes us through the basics of web design…

Recent Work: ShinnCustomCarving.com

This past week I put together a “one-page scroller” for Master Wood Carver, Bill Shinn. We started the project with…

Resource Cards – Selected free resources for designers

Just in time for your next project: Resource Cards looks to be a great curated list of free resources.

WP Live.php - "livereload for WordPress" wordpress.org

WP Live.php – “livereload for WordPress”

I’m very used to using grunt-contrib-watch to “livereload” my browser while I’m developing a site. Today it occured to me the same…

Hugo – A fast and modern static website engine

I love these things: Hugo is another static site generator programmed in Go. Introducing Hugo, a new idea around making…

Bloomberg Business – 404/500 Easter Eggs

Bloomberg Business launched a refresh of their site this week. What’s more, check out their 404 – Not Found and 500…

Material Palette

This one is fun to play with. Generate lovely material palettes with a couple of clicks: Material Palette

Readymag – A Web Publishing Tool for Designers

Readymag – a web publishing tool for designers: readymag.com Readymag is a web publishing tool for creating microsites, magazines, photo…

Formstone - thoughtfully crafted front-end components formstone.it

Formstone – thoughtfully crafted front-end components

A collection of thoughtfully crafted front-end components focused on simple implementation and easy customization. Because you already know how to…

Dialog Effects tympanus.net

Dialog Effects

Lovely collection of Dialog Effects: tympanus.net/Development/DialogEffects #webdev #css

SlickMap CSS: A Visual Sitemapping Tool for Web Developers — Astuteo™

Need a quick visual sitemap? Try SlickMap CSS – www.astuteo.com/slickmap SlickMap CSS is a simple stylesheet for displaying finished site maps directly…

Everybody Scrolls.

UX designers are divided about how essential above-the-fold placement – that is, positioning so that users can see content without…

FROONT – Responsive Web Design Tool

FROONT – Responsive Web Design Tool – a flexible tool for creating and collaborating on web design without code

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