Motion Microscope – Michael Rubinstein –

Michael Rubinstein talks about the “motion microscope” his team has developed: Michael Rubinstein – Motion Microscrope –

Meet the “motion microscope,” a video-processing tool that plays up tiny changes in motion and color impossible to see with the naked eye. Video researcher Michael Rubinstein plays us clip after jaw-dropping clip showing how this tech can track an individual’s pulse and heartbeat simply from a piece of footage. Watch him recreate a conversation by amplifying the movements from sound waves bouncing off a bag of chips. The wow-inspiring and sinister applications of this tech you have to see to believe. ~

WebGL Water

Very cool to see what you can do inside a browser. Check out Evan Wallace’s WebGL Water.

This project was an experiment in realtime water rendering with WebGL. The focus was on the rendering aspect, not on the simulation, so the behavior of the water isn’t that realistic. The water heightfield is simulated using a floating-point texture and the caustics are rendered using the GLSL derivative functions. ~ WebGL Water

Why the Sony hack is unlikely to be the work of North Korea – Marc’s Security Ramblings

Something I’ve suspected all along: Marc Rogers does a great job detailing why the Sony hack probably isn’t the work of North Korea.

The attackers only latched onto “The Interview” after the media did – the film was never mentioned by GOP right at the start of their campaign. It was only after a few people started speculating in the media that this and the communication from DPRK “might be linked” that suddenly it became linked. I think the attackers both saw this as an opportunity for “lulz” and as a way to misdirect everyone into thinking it was a nation state. After all, if everyone believes it’s a nation state, then the criminal investigation will likely die. ~ Marc’s Security Ramblings

Hacking The Tweet Stream — Five Hundred Words — Medium

Hacking The Tweet Stream…with pictures of text ~ @mgsiegler:

I’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of Twitter as its users hack its simple interface to add extra functionality, context, and meaning to their tweets. In his post Hacking The Tweet Stream, M.G. Siegler highlights a phenomena that I’ve noticed lately but hadn’t pondered.

Annotum Base – Scholarly Authoring and Publishing with WordPress

Annotum is a scholarly authoring/publishing platform based on #WordPress. More details on the project’s Github

An open-source, open-process, open-access scholarly authoring and publishing platform based on WordPress, built on the Carringon Theme framework. Annotum provides a complete, open-access scholarly journal production system including peer-review, workflow, and advanced editing and formatting features such as structured figures, equations, PubMed and CrossRef reference import, and structured XML input and output compatible with the National Library of Medicine’s Journal Article DTD. ~ Annotum Base on Themes

Four WordPress Themes for Writers

4 #WordPress themes for writers. #typography #longform #blogging

I’ve often commented that if I could make a living writing and publishing longform content on my blog, I would. I love the recent crop of WordPress blogging themes which are returning to an emphasis on great longform content. Here are some of my recent favorites:

Largo by UpThemes

Largo is a wide-format, theme for long-form stories and articles. Craft beautiful, immersive experiences for your readers. ~ UpThemes

Graphy by Themegraphy

Graphy is a WordPress theme for blogs that are designed to have beautiful typography. It is developed using mobile-first responsive design, ensuring that your blog will be no less beautiful when viewed on a smartphone or tablet. ~ Graphy by Themegraphy

Intergalactic by Automattic

Intergalactic is a stunning specimen for your personal blog. Bold featured images act as the backdrop to your text, giving you a high-contrast, readable theme that’s perfect for making your content pop. The one-column layout provides a distraction-free environment for reading, while the slide-out menu keeps your navigation and secondary content readily accessible. ~ Intergalactic by Automattic

The Writer by Obox Themes

A minimal writing theme, built for aspiring writers, authors and columnists. Nothing else. We have made sure that your long form articles are packaged in an easy to read layout which is customizable and mobile friendly. ~ The Writer by Obox Themes

I happen to be using The Writer over on See how it excels with displaying long posts in my piece How I Became a Web Developer.