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Month: February 2016

Inspiration from John’s Gospel – An Illustrator’s Take

If you’ve ever been to a University of Tennessee sporting event, you’ve seen illustrator Danny Wilson‘s talent on display. Such…

Zaevion Dobson Tribute Video – CBS Sports

In case you didn’t get to see this tribute to Zaevion Dobson before Super Bowl 50, here it is.

Free & premium stock photos - tookapic stock.tookapic.com

Free & premium stock photos – tookapic

Great looking royalty-free stock photos at tookapic. New quality in stock photography. License royalty-free, authentic lifestyle photos for your brand,…

Links of Interest – WordPress Roundup

I’ve had many WordPress related links collecting dust in my queue. It’s time to round them up and share them with…

Google Sheet + Sheetrock.js = Upcoming Events Table

Once of my first projects this year was a refresh of the Love Worth Fighting For Marriage Event website. Notable…


musicForProgramming() reminds me of my I like to code playlist. Go there to find multiple playlists to write code by….

Pagevamp – create a website from your Facebook page

Pagevamp is a new product that lets you create your own website from your Facebook page. Have a Facebook Page…

Worth the Money: My 5 Favorite Subscription Services

As freelance web developer, I like to avoid subscription fees for the tools whenever possible. However, there are several subscription-based tools…

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