I’ve had many WordPress related links collecting dust in my queue. It’s time to round them up and share them with you:

WordExpress – an implementation of WordPress using Node, Express, and React.

WordExpress is an open-source experiment that aims to provide a better development experience in WordPress using Javascript instead of PHP.

WordPress at Scale – resources for deploying WordPress in high-traffic scenarios.

Underscores Components – a library of components for the WordPress Underscores starter theme. Use the site’s generator to build your own theme.


What “Namespaces” Mean for WordPress Developers – WPShout explains the two kinds of “namespacing” you’ll come across when developing WordPress plugins and themes.

BBQ Pro by Plugin Planet – a plugin providing “Advanced firewall protection against malicious requests”. It’s a firewall for your WordPress-powered site.

BBQ Pro helps keep your WordPress site safe and secure by blocking bad requests. This helps to conserve precious server resources like memory and bandwidth. [It] runs silently in the background, checking all incoming traffic and blocking any URI requests that contain nasty stuff likeeval(, base64_, and other malicious nonsense.

WP MVC – “an MVC Framework for WordPress.” Use this plugin to build other plugins which utilize a “Model/View/Controller” approach. As a bonus, here’s a SitePoint article on Getting Started with WordPress MVC.

How to do Background Processing in WordPress Plugins and ThemesAshley Rich at Delicious Brains shows how to use his WP Background Processing library to create a background task queue for WordPress.