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I’ve got a couple of WordPress sites that would benefit from an LCache implementation. The WP LCache plugin will make it possible. Looking forward to checking this out.

For sites concerned with high traffic, speed for logged-in users, or dynamic pageloads, a high-speed and persistent object cache is a must. WP LCache improves upon Memcached and Redis object cache implementations by using APCu, PHP’s in-memory cache, in a way that’s compatible with multiple web nodes. Under the hood, WP LCache uses LCache, a library that applies the tiered caching model of multi-core processors (with local L1 and central L2 caches) to web applications.

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WP Live.php – “livereload for WordPress”

I’m very used to using grunt-contrib-watch to “livereload” my browser while I’m developing a site. Today it occured to me the same feature would be nice to have when I’m building out a page inside WordPress. In other words, whenever I update a page or post inside my WordPress admin, I wanted the browser to automatically refresh the tab I’ve got open for the client-side. A quick Google search lead me to WP Live.php.

After installing the plugin in my development environment, I got back to work building a new page. Not having to refresh my browser every time I updated the page saved me several keystrokes over the course of my build.

I made an animated GIF to show you WP Live.php in action:


Automattic Acquires WooCommerce

This is the most interesting and exciting news to come out of Automattic (parent company of WordPress) in a while. I’m intrigued to see how WooCommerce evolves.

Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg announced today that the company has acquired WooCommerce, WordPress’ most popular e-commerce platform. The plugin recently passed seven million downloads and stats from BuiltWith show that WooCommerce is dominating global e-commerce platforms, powering roughly 30% of all online stores.This is Automattic’s largest acquisition to date, bringing 55 new employees into the company from 16 countries for a total of 370 Automatticians. Mullenweg confirmed that the acquisition includes Woo, Sensei, and all of the other plugins and themes.

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VersionPress 1.0 Walkthrough – VersionPress Blog

Borek Bernard wrote a post today that gives a thorough overview of how VersionPress works. If you haven’t heard, VersionPress is a WordPress plugin that provides full version control over your WordPress sites. It tracks changes to files and the database. Give the post a read, and learn a little.

I was an original backer to the VersionPress project, and although it has taken them a while to get to their 1.0 release, their offering looks to be one of the most comprehensive “version-control-as-a-plugin” solutions out there.

What you just saw is very evidently a desirable feature to have, but technically so hard to implement that not many user-facing software solutions do that today. VersionPress can do selective undo which is a unique, yet very useful and intuitive feature to have.

Source: VersionPress 1.0 Walkthrough | VersionPress Blog

How to write a WordPress plugin – Francis Yaconiello – Application Programmer

This is one of my favorite resources for writing a WordPress plugin. In his post, Francis Yaconiello, provides a great overview of how to setup a plugin in a logical fashion without over complicating things.

I’ve noticed that a bunch of the how-to-write-a-plugin articles out there focus on demonstrating the minimum amount of code needed to get a plugin going. Not many focus on good plugin structure or convention. This tutorial explains how to create a class based WordPress plugin that makes sense.

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