WP Stream tracks every content change made on your site. Know who is making changes as they happen.

Monitor Changes As They Happen
Stream displays a play-by-play of WordPress Admin activity so you can review changes live as they happen, and know who’s doing what, when and how.

Stream Keeps You In The Loop
Content is being changed more often than you might think. Stream gives you the birds-eye view of WordPress you’ve always wanted and leaves nothing to mystery.

Real-Time Push Notifications
Get real-time push alerts to your smartphone or tablet when important changes happen so you can stay busy being proactive, instead of reactive.

Stunning Reports, On-Demand
Share them with your clients or company stakeholders and everyone gets a brilliant view of the WordPress activity that’s been happening over time.

Professional Audit Tracking for WordPress
Activity logs are stored securely in the cloud over SSL making your data immune to any intruder and making Stream the most robust WordPress audit trail solution on the web.

Source: WP Stream