Back in 2012, an AT&T U-verse rep knocked on our door with a great offer. I accepted, and for the past 2+ years we’ve enjoyed our U-verse TV+Internet service. However, once our trial rate ended, I’ve been open to other offers.

This week Comcast interested me with a special rate for new customers. On Wednesday I went online, placed my order, and to my surprise I was able to schedule an install yesterday afternoon.

Back when I went with AT&T, I knew my Internet speeds would take a dip (AT&T provides Internet access via a DSL line which simply can’t compete with the speeds available through a cable network), and I was okay with that. However, now that we’re back on Comcast, I’m glad to see my download speeds are 5X’s faster, and my upload speeds equal the download speeds I was getting through AT&T:


In addition to the above, I love Comcast’s new X1 Platform home entertainment interface for our TV. Back in 2012, AT&T U-verse was ahead of Comcast with regards to their television interface. Now I find that Comcast’s is better. Their channel guide is so much easier to use. From navigating the guide to searching, it’s a more fluid, user-friendly experience.