Backchannel pooled the collective impressions of their network on Medium to provide their Apple Watch review chock full of impressions from twenty-five early adopters.

Even before the early adopters on Medium began receiving their Apple Watches, they began writing about it. And after they unboxed the devices and strapped them to their wrists, the posts really piled up. These were so numerous — and so good — that some of the Backchannel team here at Medium decided to create the Apple Watch Project collection, inviting the writers to pool their work in a quasi-anthology, with the idea that we would eventually skim the cream to make one master review, straight from the Mediumsphere. Our review would read as if a single person wrote it, but it would actually be a product of the collective intelligence of our network.

via Is the Apple Watch Really Worth Your Time? The Ultimate Review – Backchannel