Petition to Bring Back Mayfield’s Caramel Coyote Ice Cream

Something strange is afoot at the Mayfield Dairy. During the past year, they have discontinued their very best flavor, Caramel Coyote. This saga began last summer when my family noticed that Caramel Coyote was no where to be found in Knoxville area grocery stores. By this past winter, we were so desperate that we contacted Mayfield. The response was heartbreaking: “Caramel Coyote has been discontinued due to declining sales.”

However, the story doesn’t end there. This past weekend, I toured the Mayfield Dairy as a part of the National Moofest, and I discovered evidence that points to a full-blown ice-cream conspiracy. Therefore, in order to return Caramel Coyote to its rightful place in the Mayfield product line, I am offering this post as a virtual petition to bring back Caramel Coyote.

Caramel Coyote fans (and I know you are legion), read this post and “sign” your name by commenting at the bottom.

Declining Sales?! A Ludicrous Scenario!

As I referenced before, my father contacted Mayfield Dairy on behalf of our family. A Mayfield representative replied saying that our favorite flavor has been discontinued due to poor sales. We were shocked and outraged. First of all, such a response suggests insanity. Anyone who has ever tasted Caramel Coyote knows that a “declining sales” scenario is ludicrous! For those who haven’t tasted Caramel Coyote, a brief digression is in order:

Imagine waves of rich caramel ice cream and caramel ribbons wrapping around your tongue. As the sensation washes away, you find delightful caramel filled chocolate cups littered about like float toys waiting to be savored and enjoyed. Each bite leaves you heading out for more. You find yourself awash in a sea of creamy caramel goodness.

Alas, for the past year, Caramel Coyote has only been this sweet memory lingering in my mind and tantalizing my tongue. It is the same for the fifteen other lactose tolerant members of my family. What’s more, anytime we had guests over their comments were all the same: “This is the best ice cream we have ever tasted!”

The evidence does not match the claim! How can the best ice cream we’ve ever tasted suffer from poor sales!?

My Theory: An Ice Cream Conspiracy

Judging from our experience, I think Caramel Coyote was doomed from the beginning. Soon after my parents discovered it, my wife and I searched for it in four local grocery stores only to find it sold out or not stocked everywhere we looked. I remember many weeks with my wife and I getting home from the grocery store heartbroken with no Caramel Coyote.

I should have realized it then, but now I can see it clearly: Someone in the Mayfield Dairy was jealous of Caramel Coyote. Rather than shipping the ice cream, this conspirator was secretly diverting the shipments. I suspect he or she is a Moose Tracks, Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla or Chocolate fan. One taste of Caramel Coyote and he knew the flavor’s power to sway the masses. So, rather than sharing the ice cream spotlight with this new kid on the block, he devised a plan of attrition, limiting shipments of Caramel Coyote so that accounting would conclude the flavor should be pulled from the lineup.

Preposterous you say? That’s exactly what I thought until I visited the Mayfield Dairy this past weekend.

We Found the Caramel Coyote Stockpile

My friends and family can attest that it has long been a dream of mine to tour the Mayfield Dairy. I hold Scottie Mayfield in the same regard that Charlie held Willie Wonka. Arriving on their Athens, Tennessee campus, I felt like the proverbial “kid in a candy shop.” Beth and I posed for a picture in front of the Mayfield Dairy sign. I kept thinking Scottie Mayfield might pop out at any moment. There must have been forty or more Mayfield t-shirts in the gift shop, not to mention hats, postcards and more.

Then it happened. One of our friends [Mark] came over to tell me that the ice cream shop had Caramel Coyote. My eyes grew to the size of saucers. I couldn’t think. I’m sure I staggered. I wanted to be reunited that instant, yet it was our turn to tour the plant.

Despite the fact that I was getting to see the insides of the world’s greatest dairy, it was hard to stay focused. I wasn’t even interested in the Mayfield Oompa-Loompas or the songs they sang. Instead all I could think about was caramel ice cream, caramel ribbons and caramel filled chocolate cups while Peaches and Herb’s Reunited played over and over in my mind.

Once the tour was over, I strode over to the ice cream counter still wearing my protective red hairnet. A reunion never tasted so good. Five minutes later I discovered I was standing outside with Beth, Mark, Laura and Angie. I had no idea how I’d gotten there as the bliss of the proceeding moments gradually wore off.

So, Mayfield Dairy *still* has Caramel Coyote in their gift shop!? What did this mean? This week as I’ve thought about it the conspiracy has crystallized before my eyes: The Mayfield Conspirator is pawning off his stockpile of Caramel Coyote to the Mayfield gift shop! I even ate some of the evidence!

We Must Act Now!

If you share my passion for Mayfield Caramel Coyote ice cream, then please join me in petitioning Scottie Mayfield and Mayfield Dairy to bring it back to stores. To do so, simply share your opinion by commenting at the bottom of this post. Together we can overturn this conspiracy and return Caramel Coyote to its rightful place of ice cream prominence.

The story of Caramel Coyote gets even stranger when you search for it on the web. Consider these listings in order of their appearance on Google:

  1. Mayfield Blog: Mayfield Day at the Ice Chalet – In this blog post, Scottie Mayfield talks about visiting the Ice Chalet in Knoxville and letting the skaters sample their new flavors of ice cream. There is no mention of Caramel Coyote in the post; however, three successive commenters use the post to request that Mayfield should bring back Caramel Coyote. Furthering suspicions, commenting on this post has subsequently been disabled. I suspect whoever is running the Mayfield blog did this to silence further outcry.
  2. Mayfield Blog: Nurture Milk by Mayfield – Even stranger is the first comment on this post about Nurture milk (i.e. keep in mind the post has nothing to do with ice cream). A commenter known as “searching for caramel” writes, “Where is Caramel Coyote? It is our favorite and usually only ice cream and I haven’t been able to find it for months!!! Please do not abandon this ice cream! There is no other like it.” This is followed by a comment from Jan Montgomery in Mayfield Consumer Affairs who scoops out the same “discontinued because of poor sales” schpeal.

Beyond the above listings, there simply isn’t much else on the web mentioning Caramel Coyote. Therefore this post should serve as a point of action for the many disenfranchised Caramel Coyote lovers out there. If this is you, be sure to comment and let your voice be heard.

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  1. Charles M. Wender

    I now realize that your educational endeavors were worth it. To be able to embrace such a noble cause with such poetic grace is the application of an educated gift to the highest order. It is clear that this is a cause well worth fighting for. Do we need a jingle? Love, Dad.

  2. paperdoll82

    Sign me on! I’ve scoured store freezers for months looking for the ellusive Caramel Coyote. It’s my daughter’s favorite ice cream. Listen to the masses, Scottie: Give us The Coyote!

  3. I surely want to add my name to this list! Caramel Coyote is the best ice cream I have ever eaten!!
    “Come on Scottie
    Listen to us
    We want to be nice
    And not make a fuss..
    But to keep the masses
    From such a great flavor
    Is right up there
    With…Oh Gee, I never was good at rhyming! Help!
    What rhymes with flavor and fits here?
    A poem without an ending leaves you hanging like a freezer without Caramel Coyote!

  4. I too, have fond memories of Caramel Coyote. For sure, it’s MUCH better than Moose Tracks!

  5. I’d sign the petition even though I’ve never tried caramel coyote, I tried the inferior banana pudding. By the way I was the one to discover Mayfield’s dirty little secret; that they were hoarding caramel coyote at their dairy ice cream shoppe.

  6. @All – Thanks for being early adopters to this cause. I have a feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s only a matter of time as more and more Caramel Coyote fans start finding this forum to express their latent cravings!

    @Mark – Thanks for the reminder. I’ve amended the post to give you the credit you deserve. You’ll have to forgive me for not being able to recall…learning that the Caramel Coyote lives momentarily short-circuited my powers of observation.

  7. I’ve never tried it either, but now I’m mad that I can’t!
    Where do I sign??!?

  8. @Deb et al – You have “signed” your name by simply commenting and expressing your opinion. Consider your vote counted and your voice heard!

  9. Scott Gohn

    Caramel Coyote? I’ve never heard of it. Go ahead, reach out and smack me with a virtual backhand. When I think of the Wenders and ice cream, I think of a graduation trip to the beach and a Kroger? brand ice cream that was awesome!!! Could it really compare to Mayfield? I don’t know, but I know that when shared with friends, it was memory making (truly since it has been 15 years since I had that ice cream). So there you have it (or don’t if they don’t bring it back for you), you will always have your memories. One day, a smell will enter your nose, and you’ll be taken directly to the moment you were hanging on a cardboard cutout of your dairy hero.

  10. @Scott G – Well, well, well…my old friend from way back! Thanks for sharing a memory that takes me back to those wonder years of the mid ’90’s. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. D. Reaves

    I have been looking for this ice cream for the past two years!!!!! I want it back!

  12. Mark du Pont

    Many people in my town discovered this flavor and bought it constantly. It was in all my friends’ freezers! Now it’s gone. How can they say “declining sales”? I agree with the conspiracy theory.

  13. Brooke R.

    BRING IT BACK! Caramel Coyote was my favorite flavor of ice cream of all time! I have been looking for it forever and I get online and find out it’s been discontinued?!?!? That must be the dumbest thing mayfield ice cream has ever done! So I agree, 100%, BRING BACK OUR BELOVED CARAMEL COYOTE!!!

  14. Ada Jo Burke

    My husband and I buy Caramel Coyote ice cream at Winn Dixie in Florida every winter when we snowbirds are there, but can’t find it here in NC. We used to have it here at WalMart but haven’t found any there this summer. Last winter we had to have a friend in Florida at Winn Dixie to save us some each week! It is the best ice cream in the world.

  15. This is bad news! I have a husband that is a complete caramel coyote addict. He has sent me all over town looking for his favorite ice cream. He has even argued like a child with his friends about this being the best ever. Well, I guess we will save gas and have nothing to argue about anymore. How sad…

  16. Lisa Farnholtz

    I am from Ohio and discovered Carmel Coyote about 6 years ago when I was in Tenn. I am not one who eats ice cream all the time, I’ve had my favorites growing up but never in my life loved a flavor as that. I ate more ice cream that week that I was here than probably ever before. Everytime we go through Tenn. I try to find it. Well I’m back in the area this week and have been looking everywhere for it! I’m bummed I can’t find it anywhere, that’s how I found your site! Please bring it back!!!!!

  17. Janie Pangl

    We go to Tenn. every year and when we went to the mayfield ice cream place and had some Carmel Coyote ice cream, it was the best. Each year since we can’t find it. IT MAKES US VERY SAD. PLEASE BRING IT BACK I’M ASKING FOR ALL OF MY FAMILY PLEASE PLEASE —— THANK YOU

  18. Charles M. Wender

    Michael, you might let Headquarters know about the support you have gotten for their poor selling Ice Cream. Dad.

  19. @Charles M. Wender – You can bet I will let them know. Plus, me and my friends over at Knoxify have talked about doing a little something special.

    @Everyone – Thanks for all the stories and comments so far. Keep them coming! We’ve only just begun to fight!

  20. Jon from Parrish Fl.

    I agree, caramel coyote is simply the best tasting stuff in the world!! I am not a food channel expert, but this stuff should have it’s own show. Wait a minute, not just on the food channel, but every networks national news should start and end ,proudly displaying a large bowl of it. I’m sure it would ease tension on all news items. The worries and problems would seem to fade at just the sight.

    Better yet, the government should give up of the financial bail-out, and provide a supply to each and every American. Heck, I bet we could ship some to the Al Qaeda crazies, and they would fall in love with America!!

    Please email me with any updates.

    Blessings, and may your dreams be filled with the thoughts of seeing it in every retain location in the U.S. of A. ,


  21. Wow — SO glad I’m not just losing my mind and imagining mana that never existed. Could not figure out why everyone quit selling Caramel Coyote (and I LIVE less than 10 minutes from the Braselton, GA Mayfield plant), but suddenly pretenders to the throne (other brand names I will decline to mention in honor of the King) suddenly started throwing out ridiculously lame and substandard attempts at caramel goodness! These offerings aren’t even edible, much less in the same league with Caramel Coyote. I’m not even sure that we should qualify it as ice cream….it really should have a dessert category unto itself.

    I admit to a burning jealousy that you enjoyed a fulfilling, albeit short, reunion. Ah, to savor the lush flavor on my tongue, to float on that delicious cloud….

    Yo, Mayfield! BRING. IT. BACK!!!!!!


  22. @Jennifer: Eloquent words for a truly delectable flavor. Thanks for lending your prose to the cause.

  23. My Hubby and I have put hundreds of miles on our motorcycles trying to find Caramel Coyote ice cream. We have to go all the way to Athens, Tn. to get it, but it’s worth every mile we must travel. Nothing else will do……….
    Feb. 14, 2009

  24. angela pardue

    scottie ,i love yellow brick road and coyote i had a secret love afair wth both i gotta have
    both please i have went everywhere looking for it PLEASE OPLEASE AND PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE

  25. I always wondered what happened to it after it just disappeared.

    I first had Caramel Coyote when I went with my family on a vacation to Charleston, SC in the summer of ’05 I think. We were staying in Isle of Palms and went down to Sullivan’s Island. We went into this little ice cream store which sold Mayfield Ice Cream. I don’t think I had ever had Mayfield Ice Cream before, I just thought it must have been a southern brand and therefore my mom kept buying Edy’s because after 4 or 5 years in North Carolina, she still refused to adapt to the way things are in the South and stop some of her Yankee practices for it. But anyways, as I stood in that ice cream shop i looked over the flavors and since I love love love caramel, I decided to have some Caramel Coyote. I swear that is the best ice cream EVER. I fell in love instantly. I had to get my parents to take us back to that shop a second time so I could get more Caramel Coyote. When we got home I bought Caramel Coyote. From then on whenever my mom went to the grocery store I had her buy some. Once I was able to drive by myself I would go to the store and buy Caramel Coyote myself and mark the carton as “Katie’s only. Don’t touch.” But then it disappeared. I always thought I was going to the grocery store at the wrong time and it was sold out. I had my suspicions of it being discontinued since no one else I knew ate it and it didn’t seem like it was popular (which now I can see is not the case).

    Since then I’ve had to settle on other ice creams. If I want a caramel fix, I buy Ben and Jerry’s Karamel Sutra. While I love the caramel core and the caramel ice cream, it’s not the same as Caramel Coyote and those AMAZING caramel filled chocolate cups are absent. There’s also chocolate ice cream with unpleasant chocolate chips in it on the other side of the caramel core. Although Ben and Jerry’s take on caramel ice cream is good, it’s not Caramel Coyote. Especially since a pint of Ben and Jerry’s costs the same as a whole big tub of Mayfields and lacks the caramel filled chocolate cups.

    Yesterday my mom and sister were about to go to the grocery store so I was thinking of foods I’d want during the week since I wouldn’t be able to go out and buy it myself due to my mom using my car while hers is in the shop. As I was thinking Caramel Coyote popped into my head. I wrote it down on the list. Later when they came home they had bought some caramel ice cream but it’s name wasn’t Caramel Coyote. It was some BiLo Southern Home brand called Caramel Caribou (hmm, wonder where they got the name idea from?) with some Denali caramel. It has toffee ice cream with ribbons of Denali caramel and caramel filled chocolate cups. It’s pretty much totally disgusting. The only good thing is the caramel cups. I’m thinking about letting it totally melt and then I’ll just strain the cups out. The toffee ice cream is sickening and waaaaaaaay too sweet. The flavor is horrible. And this Denali caramel stuff was horrible. If they were trying to be a replacement for Caramel Coyote, then they miserably failed.

    If there was a way for me to get to Athens, TN and buy out the Caramel Coyote (if any is left) and be able to take it back to the Charlotte area of NC without it totally melting I would.

    But I think it’d be best if Mayfield brought Caramel Coyote back. I don’t care if they have to change the name to re market it or add extra chocolate cups (I’d acually love that).

    Long story short, Mayfield NEEDS to bring Caramel Coyote back. Because all the other caramel ice cream options don’t even come close to Caramel Coyote, not even combined.

  26. @Katie: I believe you get cred for leaving the longest comment ever on my blog! Thanks for sharing your story.

    Regarding Caramel Coyote: I have a sad story to share. A month or two ago my parents made a trip to the Mayfield’s Dairy in Athens. They were able to buy some Caramel Coyote at the gift shop; however, the people there told them that was the last batch ever of Caramel Coyote.

    When I heard this news, my heart sunk! However, your story along with the many others in these comments, is making me think that it’s high time I printed out my post along with everyone else’s contributions and mailed this directly to Scottie Mayfield. Perhaps we should all organize a picket line?

  27. I went on the Mayfield site.
    They have Pomegranate Melody which has pomegranate, peach, and lemon.
    I don’t get how they can have that nasty combination but no Caramel Coyote.
    As I look at these flavors, I seriously don’t understand how Snow Cream and Pomegranate Melody can sell yet Caramel Coyote couldn’t.
    Blueberry Cream Pie with cream cheese ice cream? gross.

    This is just absurd. Looking at these flavors that they sell makes me believe there really is a conspiracy.

    If Mayfield did a taste test with all their ice cream flavors compared to Caramel Coyote, CC would definitely beat out a huge number of other flavors.

  28. Knowing that Mayfield is stocking Caramel Coyote is enough to convince me to take a trip this summer! I have had to resort to the inferior Extreme Moose Tracks – not the same heavenly experience by any means. Bring Caramel Coyote back to Columbia, SC!

  29. @Emily: Please note my comment two comments above yours. Unfortunately, the Caramel Coyote cache at the Mayfield Headquarters has probably reached the end of its run by now. ๐Ÿ™

  30. When I first found Caramel Coyote a few years ago, I swore off any other ice cream that existed. When I couldn’t find it anymore I panicked. No ice cream has ever tasted so good! The story of declining sales is a nasty joke as far as I am concerned. What were those people thinking? If they ever come to their senses, I will be standing in line for the best tasting ice cream ever made! Somebody help us!!!!!!!!

  31. I was so shocked when i found out about caramel coyote no longer being made!!!

  32. America has always held ice cream as a numberfavorite at birthday parties. My best friend requested Coyote Tracks for his birthday. I went searching for it….Wal-mart said they no longer carry Mayfield Ice Cream in Florida….what no more Mayfield in Florida??? And then come to find… more coyote Tracks…. what is America coming to? I want to get MAYFIELD coyote tracks ice cream for my best friend for his birthday….drop ship it to me…..i don’t care how I get it… I want his birthday to be real SPECIAL…so please help me get Mayfield Coyote Tracks……thank you….if he is happy then i am happy…:)oh….his birthday is at the end of October.

  33. Elyse Quarterman

    I love this ice cream

  34. After learning that the most delicious ice cream flavor EVER had been discontinued due to poor sales, I could not believe that was truly the reason. After much thought, I reached the conclustion that poor sales was NOT the reason. Instead, I think Caramel Cyote was either more expensive than other flavors to produce , or was more complicated. (ie:too much trouble) OR it was a combination of both reasons. Can think of no other reason for discontinuing such a wonderful ice cream.

  35. Billy Carter

    First off, I am saddened at the news that Mayfield decided to stop making Caramel Coyote. I live in Seneca, SC and have traveled a good portion of north east GA and western SC in search of this flavor.. Now I’m not much of an ice cream eater, but I love caramel so I decided to try this ice cream. It was the ONLY flavor that I could just sit and eat an entire bowl of, without adding caramel syrup, or hot fudge. I would be willing to drive to the Brazleton, GA plant, like 2hrs away, JUST TO GET SOME. Or even special order it and have it delivered to my house.

  36. Mayfield, I can’t believe you no longer make Caramel Coyote. Sales couldn’t be slow because it was always sold out. I live in Crossville and I thought since the stores stock their own ice cream they just stocked
    Vanilla and Chocolate. Bad deal letting the stores stock their own. Never stocked right. I believe you would sell lots of Caramel Coyote if stocked properly. WOW what a bad decision………..

  37. Jon Fuller

    Stopped in the local 7-11 the other night to pick up some treats to take home. Got the wife some chocolate ice cream (boring,) and got myself some Ben & Jerry’s caramel something hoping it would be close. Amazing, was pretty close but still not the same as the best ice cream in the world. If I won the Power Ball, I’d buy Mayfield Daries and make Caramel Coyote and give it away ! ! ! !

    Have a Wonder filled day,

    • Jon, I’ve also tried that Ben and Jerry’s “caramel something.” I agree, it is good, but not the same as Caramel Coyote. In addition, don’t know if there are Food City stores in your area, but their Kay’s Brand Caramel Caribou is pretty good too. However, after searching and sampling far and wide, I’m convinced that nothing will ever match the Coyote.

      Furthermore, seeing as this post is still getting comments nearly two years after I wrote it, I’m starting to think that it’s high time I print this thing out along with all the comments and go knocking on Scotty Mayfield’s door down in Athens, TN.

  38. Eric Evans

    Any progress on bringing back the coyote? I used to vacation in Georgia every summer and always looked forward to getting the caramel coyote ice cream, ( they dont carry Mayfield in Ohio). When I moved to Georgia last year I was so excited to be able to buy it all the time, and then was equally disappointed to find out it was no where to be found. If there is anywhere to get this ice cream please let me in on it, Thanks!

    • Eric, I just emailed Mayfield’s this week with a link to this article and instructions for them to read it and get back to me. I haven’t heard back from them yet, but I plan to keep everyone posted.

  39. Bring it back to middle Georgia

  40. Vinny DeRobertis

    Caramel Coyote is the best! We are headed to Bryson City NC for summer vacation and I was hoping to get some of that golden caramel stuff BUT I am greatly dissapointed – bring back the Coyote, PLEASE

  41. ,,Bill Fisher

    best icecream out there, please bring it back .

  42. ,,Bill Fisher

    Beat flavor of all compair to any other maker .please bring it back . Thanks.

  43. Beth Camp

    I too have tried to find Mayfield’s caramel coyote in the Pigeon Forge, TN area with no luck. Such a sad lost!!!! BRING BACK THE CARAMEL COYOTE……PLEASE….

  44. Roy Benningfield

    Although I am no longer in the area of our great country where Caramel Coyote WAS available, I must say those few months I was residing with my father in Havana, Fl. were awesome! Not only because I was visiting my father, but because each night before bed we would demolish a half gallon (at least) of Caramel Coyote! It was like a ritual. This ice cream was not available in my world (mid-atlantic) so when I returned to Florida, the first item on the agenda was to visit the local grocer and pick up some Caramel Coyote ice cream. To my dismay, I was informed this product no longer existed and I was crushed. Now, my father (79) is nearing his end, it would sure be nice to revisit those days of old over a mixing bowl of the most wonderful ice cream ever made…Caramel Coyote. Please?????

    • Roy, thanks for leaving your story. Despite this post being almost three years old, it’s no surprise to me that it continues to attract comments and stories such as yours and the one that have come before it. Caramel Coyote is truly a wonder and marvel of ice cream confectionary. Thanks again!

  45. Frank Benningfield

    Mayfield,…..bring it back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Deelight

    I used to live in Tennessee, also Alabama, now I’m semi-retired in Florida and when I saw Mayfield had moved into Florida, I went beserk (almost) trying to find it. WOW, what a downer to find out I could not find Caramel Coyote!! ๐Ÿ™ What the heck is going on when a company makes so many people’s favorite ice cream and it goes MISSING! My only comment is: It must be like a cosmetic company that stops making your favorite shade of lipstick for no obvious reason and tries to substitute and it’s not possible. It happens to me everytime I find my favorite shade, use it for years then suddenly it’s discontinued. Only thing here, you don’t eat the cosmetic and I think it’s downright mean, evil, to take away someone’s favorite dessert. SO….SCOTTIE, ARE YOU NOT LISTENING TO ALL THESE PEOPLE’S WISHES? IF SO WHY DO YOU NOT RESPOND BY MAKING THEIRS AND MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE FLAVOR OF ICE CREAM ONCE AGAIN? It’s like taking a baby’s pacifier away, a crippled person’s crutch/wheelchair… can YOU be so cruel? How about responding in one of your commercials or can you explain all this away? Deelight

  47. Jeff Galloway

    My daughter and I also want to see it come back. it was our favorite. nothing is even half as good.

  48. Leah Lee


  49. Renee Stephens

    I have looked in stores all over Maryville for Caramel Coyote icecream. We all love this flavor. I still look for it every time I shop. Would love to have that taste in my mouth again. My mouth waters for it. I crave it. Please bring it back

  50. Robin Tingle

    I refuse to give up hope that Scottie will bring back Caramel Coyote. I have yet to to go into a grocery store and not look for it. My sons and I fell in love with Caramel Coyote when they were young. They now have children of their own who think there is no such thing as Caramel Coyote ice cream. Now, Scottie, only Mayfield can help us prove the stories we’ve been telling my grandchildren about the best flavor, ever, in the history of ice cream, are true. Please give them the pleasure of tasting Caramel Coyote for themselves. I believe that if you bring back Mayfield’s Caramel Coyote ice cream, it just might bring families closer together. Just saying.
    Waiting patiently, Caramel Coyote fan,
    Robin Tingle

    • @Robin – to this day, I continue to be amazed by the interest generated by this post. I actually had this post archived for close to seven years only to re-post it on my blog in January 2019. Now that the post is back online, you are proof that people everywhere still love Caramel Coyote. Thanks for commenting. Your comment renews my hope that one that day we’ll see our favorite ice cream on the shelves again.

  51. Still waiting Scottie. Iโ€˜m really not an ice cream guy but Caramel Coyote changed that for the little time it was available after we discovered it. Thatโ€™s right Scottie. Not just me but everyone I know that tasted it loved it. Pulling it out of Mayfields lineup years ago is one of those bizarre things that will remain a life mystery. Come on Scottie. It was that good.

  52. OMG a true fan of the amazing Caramel Coyote ice cream. My husband and I first discovered the precious flavor while vacationing in TN a very long long time ago. I too contacted someone at Mayfields to see what happened to our beloved all time favorite ice cream only to be told we donโ€™t make this…. were we dreaming? Such a nightmare. Can I now wake up to find it on the shelves again…please? I so wish for that flavor… thatโ€™s all we want for our birthdays and forgo the cake and presents!!

  53. Glenn Anderson

    Yes please bring back Caramel Coyote. It was the best ice cream ever!

  54. Me and my daughter loved Caramel Coyote ice cream…

  55. Free caramel coyote!!!!!!

  56. I grew up eating caramel coyote and I’m devastated that it’s discontinued Mayfield has all the other flavors at the stores I shop at here in Florida but none compare to the super richness of the sweet caramel coyote.

  57. Caramel Coyote was my favorite and I will not buy any thing from Mayfield until they bring it back

  58. Laurie Dosher

    I absolutely love caramel coyote best flavor ever. Please bring this back on at least a trial basis and I believe you will NOT be disappointed. I want my kids to try this marvelous flavor. Thank you soo much for considering these requests. Have a great day!

  59. Jon Fuller

    Fourteen years, fourteen long, sad years. I fear it’s gone further than an inside job. I don’t know if it’s the Chinese, Russians, or Major Dexter Smythe, but something is amiss. We need to band together, march on Mayfield en masse, demand our just dessert!!

  60. Emily Pillsbury

    Why is it still gone?!! ๐Ÿ˜ฉ

  61. Bring the best ice cream that ever was back may bewe should boycott all Mayfield ice cream until you do I will give you two weeks then I will start a post on every social media page asking for a nation wide boycott

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