It’s so cool to watch old episodes of The Office and know that’s Jack Ryan, not Jim Halpert.

August Challenge complete! All Rings closed for 31 straight days. #AppleWatch #CloseThoseRings

Persons who send me actual photographs of their screen instead of screenshots are only slightly less annoying than that prospective client who proposed sending me faxes with his website change requests.

Yesterday I felt like a hummingbird as I darted from task to task in my queue. So far today has been much more ??‍♂️

Yesterday I came downstairs to find my wife lying on the bed covered head-to-toe with pillows. “I have the croup,” she said.

I was shocked. She’d been a bit under the weather with a cold last week, but I thought she had been on the mend. Before I had a chance to say anything, our daughter, age 4, walked in with another round of treatment.

My worst fears were assuaged. I realized that my wife would be completely recovered within a matter of minutes.

This is getting to be my SOP on my client’s sites: 1) Update to #WordPress 4.9.8. 2) Install/Activate the “Classic Editor”. My clients are not fans of #Gutenberg yet. It is adding too much friction to the writing/composing process.

Now entering my 17th year freelancing, I finally have a drawer in my office desk. These things are so handy! How did I ever get by?

Is there a way to manage multiple G-Suite accounts via one “super user”. Currently I have 30+ G-Suite admin user account logins in my password manager that I use for logging in and managing client’s G-Suites. Any way to do this by granting access to one user across multiple orgs?

We had a great view of Mars last night. If you haven’t seen it while it’s at its brightest in 15 years, I *highly* recommend looking up at night during these next few days. It’s currently the third brightest body behind the Moon and Venus.