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My Microblog is where I publish short “tweet-style” posts. Rather than posting directly on a third-party social network, I post here, and my feed gets syndicated across the web via

Now available: #WordPress 5.0 with the new Gutenberg editor. A couple of my quick thoughts on this milestone release.

700 Days in a row

Streakin’ #AppleWatch

While driving to work this morning, I saw five big, red dump trucks moving along in a stately formation. It made the eight year old boy in me…

Happy Thanksgiving! ??

This morning marked my return to the gym after almost a month hiatus. So nice to be back after having the crud for two solid weeks.

A couple of smaller projects have made for some satisfying workdays the last couple of days: Quick Hitters #devnotes – @mwender

Just finished bingeing on Homecoming, the new Amazon Prime series starring Julia Roberts, and created from @Gimletmedia’s podcast of the same name. Fantastic show, great characters, great cinematography,…

It’s mid-afternoon, and I’m not in bed with a searing sinus headache. That’s a major improvement over the past two days.

Today marks four years in a row for my daily journaling streak. That’s 1,461 days in a row since Oct 31, 2014. The @DayOneApp has been an essential…

Reminder: Halloween is a great night to actually get out and visit as many of your neighbors as you can. The whole community aspect of the holiday is…

I don’t do it often, but I love to spend the morning baking.

Love this repository of paper airplane designs: Fold N Fly ✈

I keep thinking it’s Friday. However, it’s not, and that’s a good thing. I could use an extra workday this week.

Upgraded to #macOS #Mojave over the weekend. I’m loving the following: • Dark Mode • Integrated Screenshot app • Over all my dual 4K displays look sharper* *Did…

One of life’s simple pleasures: a quiet house on a Sunday afternoon.

Did you notice the new Shortcuts app that comes with #iOS12? Here’s a great video showing you how to use them: Hey Siri, Drive My Tesla

Seventeen years into my freelance #webdev career, and I still love a quiet morning, rainy day outside, and me in the office working to engineer a solution for…

Given Google’s #Chrome browser keeping you signed into Google pretty much all the time now, this morning I’m reacquainting myself with #Firefox as an alternate development browser.

Reminder: You gotta play this song at least once today: September – Earth, Wind, and Fire

It’s so cool to watch old episodes of The Office and know that’s Jack Ryan, not Jim Halpert.