Last night around 10:15(?) or so, *all* the smoke alarms in our house went off. My wife and I immediately went into “fire drill mode”. We rushed to our girls rooms. I opened the door to our oldest girls’ room. My wife checked our one year old’s. Nothing. Not even the girls were stirring. 

About that time the blaring stopped, but my ears were ringing so much that it didn’t register for a couple seconds. My wife went upstairs to check. I went on our back deck.

I’m not sure if I imagined it, but I thought I smelled the *slightest* smell of smoke. I also noticed a bit of dust on my hand from where I’d rested it on the railing. That’s when I started wondering, “Could Boomsday have caused this false alarm?” (Boomsday is often billed as the South’s largest fireworks show. It started at 9:30 last night about ten miles from our home.)

Image courtesy of Pyro Shows.