This morning I joined a friend for breakfast at First Watch. Looking at their menu reminded me that I need to go there more often, everything on there looks worth trying.

If you’ve never been, First Watch is a breakfast/brunch place. They’re only open from 7am till 2:30pm. Everything is made fresh to order. Their decor tends towards modern/rustic/hipster without going too far (YMMV depending on your location). When you order coffee, they bring you a pot. Even their water is good, must be something about serving it in a chilled bottle.

I’ve only discovered First Watch recently, but they’re a national chain that started in 1983. So there’s a good chance there’s one near you. If you’re a fan, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Fresh Fusions Infuser Water Bottle

This past Friday my Fresh Fusions water bottle arrived, and I’m happy to report that my La Croix addiction is a thing of the past. It never got to the point where my wife made a monthly spending report on my La Croix expenditures, but it was getting close. Now, instead of popping open a can of bubbly, every other morning I’m chopping up fresh fruits and veggies for my Fresh Fusions. Strawberry-Cucumber is my favorite combo so far, and one serving is good for three refills.

Mmm…Coffee, Ninja Style!

My wife surprised me for Christmas with one of those Ninja Coffee Bar System brewers. Having subsisted with a low-end CoffeeMate pot for over a decade, the step up to the big time has been quite the revelation. I can now easily make cappuccinos, flat-whites, and iced-coffees. But my favorite feature has to be how easy it is to brew a nice pot of coffee. I’m also quite handy when it comes to setting up a delayed brew.