I’ve started this year by getting back to early mornings in the office. That means up at five, grab a quick breakfast, and at my desk by five twenty. I don’t hold to that schedule every day, but when I do I’m able to blaze through my queue.

If you’ve been here before, you might notice that I’m using a new theme. For me, having the right theme installed on my blog is crucial to fueling my motivation to write. Now, on to those links…

  • frontarm/create-react-blog – This one will look familiar if you’ve used create-react-app. Add this command to your system, and you can quickly create a blog using create-react-app, MDX, and Navi.
  • How to take advantage of Local Storage in your React projects – This article came in handy when I had to save my app’s state to localStorage before the user left the page. It helped me create a consistent experience which persisted across page refreshes and hitting the “Back” button.
  • TellForm is an open-source alternative to TypeForm. Host your own form building system and build engaging interactions.
  • My Dad’s Friendship With Charles Barkley – Did you see this one a couple weeks back? If not, check it out. It’s a really cool read about an unlikely friendship between Charles Barkley and a fan.

Lastly, this is easily the most impressive cover of Girls Just Want To Have Fun I’ve ever seen. #smile HT: The Loop