Here’s a collection of links that I haven’t found time to post individually. Hope you find something you like.

Six-Legged Giant Finds Secret Hideaway, Hides For 80 Years
From 2012, Robert Krulwich blogs about the rediscovery of Dryococelus australis. Long thought as extinct, the story follows scientists to “Ball’s Pyramid” of the coast of Australia where they find a small colony of these giant insects.

xkcd: Watches
For me at least, xkcd nails it with this timeline of what we wear on our wrists as the launch date for Apple Watch nears. (I’m not planning on buying an Apple Watch any time soon. I prefer leaving my wrists free.)

The Web’s Grain
Frank Chimero shares his view on designing for the web. He takes us on a journey back to the web’s simplest form so that we can approach the “Beginner’s Mind” as we design.

Printing Medium stories – Designing Medium – Medium
I love the design of They’ve put so much thought into typography and user experience. Now, I find that they’ve put a lot of thought into printing articles too.

Printing articles off of Medium might not be commonplace, but we want it to be a great experience.

Tips to Extend the Life of your Gadget’s Batteries
I learned some new things from this one.

I recently scanned the websites of consumer electronics companies, including HP, Asus, Apple, Dell and also Battery University – for their recommendations on how to maximize the battery life and here’s a quick summary of what I learned.

~ Tips to Extend the Life of your Gadget’s Batteries –