Wanted: SEO Manager for Up and Coming Search Engine Company
Did you hear?
 Google is hiring an SEO Manager to improve its search engine rankings. Considering all the minutia that comes with optimizing your site for search engines, this makes perfect sense to me.

How Two Brothers Goosed Google and Turned a Dorm Room Lark into $15 Million a Year
The Hajjar brother’s site is UglyChristmasSweater.com. Read this Fast Company article to find out how they turned their penchant for search engine optimization and ugly sweaters into a multi-million dollar business.

Apple News – Setting up your channel
Not so much SEO, but related, is this guide to prepping your site for the new Apple News app coming to iOS and Mac OS X. (I’ve setup up this site as a News Publisher. The tips I gleaned from the guide helped me configure my more popular tags as feed channels in Apple News.)

Photo credit: Shawn Collins – Flickr – Google Headquarters