I’ve gone old school when it comes to shaving. Through the years I’ve dabbled with the latest multi-blade disposables and electric razors. However, back in 2014 the Rockwell Razors Kickstarter campaign turned me on to the idea of using a double-edge safety razor.

The safety razor’s form was first described in an 1847 patent (Wikipedia). Since that time, its most notable modern advancement came in the 1970’s with the introduction of disposable razors and multi-blade disposable cartridges. These are the type of razors I first learned to shave with, using them off-and-on for over twenty years. After watching the Rockwell Razor campaign video, I saw the benefits of going old-school with my shaving. The classically designed Rockwell Razor has the following advantages:


In addition to saving money, at the advice of a friend, I’ve also been using shaving soap along with a badger hair shaving brush. It makes my whole shaving routine feel a bit artisanal. With shaving soap and a brush, I’m able to easily re-lather as needed which helps me get a smooth shave with no nicks. I also love the wide variety of shaving soaps available.

BTW: You’ll note that I’ve linked to Rockwell Razors and Amazon a couple of times in this post. However, none of these links are affiliate links. I’m receiving nothing in return for writing this post other than the satisfaction of sharing one of my favorite new #lifehacks with you.