‘Serial’ Podcast Catches Fire – WSJ.com

In the normally low-profile world of podcasting, “Serial” is a certified sensation—a testament to the power of great storytelling. It’s quickly become the most popular podcast in the world, according to Apple, and the fastest to reach 5 million downloads and streams in iTunes history. “Serial” is the top podcast in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. and Australia, and in the top 10 in Germany, South Africa and India. ~ ‘Serial’ Podcast Catches Fire – WSJ.com

My favourite Zsh features

Zsh has seen wide adoption by developers looking to improve their interactive shell experience. I’m rather late to this party, but I’d like you to join too.

I started cultivating a bash profile ever since I first logged into a shell. I’ve collected tab completions, aliases and functions that help get repetitive tasks done quick. When Zsh started to become popular the blogs and comments all focused on features I already had configured in my bash profile. I remained unconvinced.

Then I read about oh-my-zsh. A project that assembles good defaults for Zsh which has significant traction online. Being a late adopter, I’m writing this in a way that would of convinced me to switch shells immediately. [Read more…]


Sword & Shield, Enterprise Security is a Knoxville, Tennessee based company with a national presence. Working alongside their marketing staff, I developed and designed their website. My interface with the Sword & Shield is a classic example of how I typically interface with mid-sized companies. They brought me on as their web-developer-for-hire, securing my services and expertise as a freelancer without having to hire a full-time designer/developer. We were able to get their site designed, built, and launched in about two-and-a-half months.


Pentagon Studies Reveal Major Nuclear Problems – NYTimes.com

The crews that maintain the nation’s 450 intercontinental ballistic missiles had only a single wrench that could attach the nuclear warheads.

“They started FedExing the one tool” to three bases spread across the country, one official familiar with the contents of the reports said Thursday. No one had checked in years “to see if new tools were being made,” the official said. This was one of many maintenance problems that had “been around so long that no one reported them anymore.”

via Pentagon Studies Reveal Major Nuclear Problems – NYTimes.com.

Zion Icon Set

Zion, named after my favorite national park, is an icon set designed to mesh with OS X Yosemite’s refined visual language. In Yosemite, toolbars have been simplified, favoring solid-colored circles for close, minimize, and maximize; windows and content feel lighter; and many frivolous elements like drop shadows and gloss have been scrapped. However, many of Apple’s own icons fail to reflect these system-wide UI changes, instead clinging to the realistic renderings of apps’ physical counterparts. Zion is meant to address these omissions, instill a system-wide consistency, and, most importantly, make our docks, folders, and desktops look a little more friendly.

~Alex Griendling, alexlikesdesign.com