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I’m a fan of keeping things simple and efficient whenever I’m developing a website. Pulse CMS is just such an option. It’s a flat-file CMS that you can connect to your HTML template to give it a complete content management backend. Then you can host your site on any server running PHP and Apache.

Other things I like about Pulse CMS as a platform: 1) it has a good community of developers, 2) the software is only a one-time $39 fee per site, and 3) Pulse is 3rd-party developer friendly.

As an aside, you may recall how I’ve written about the Blocs web design app on here. It’s a nifty little Mac app that’s great for building websites in a WYSIWYG fashion. Just today, Blocs announced its upcoming 2.2 release will have Pulse CMS integration included:

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  1. Thanks for the mention Michael – glad you enjoy Pulse 🙂
    And we’re also really excited to see Blocs + Pulse working together in Blocs 2.2

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