In the midst of working on some larger projects, during the past couple of days I’ve enjoyed working on two unexpected “quick hitters”.

This past Friday, a long time client that I hadn’t heard from for a while emailed asking if I could help with some graphics for a Facebook Ad. The project involved using the creative assets she provided along with a bit of typesetting and comping in Photoshop.

As I worked on the graphics, it felt like it had been ages since I’ve worked on a graphics only project. It reminded me of the early days of my career and my roots in graphic design. Plus it was nice to have a project go from start to finish in only a couple hours.

My other quick hitter came into my inbox this morning. One of my IT contacts at a larger client needed some help with some domain redirects to their new website. The issue revolved around their not having a secure server certificate installed for the old domain that was redirecting to the new one.

I was able to quickly diagnose the problem. Then I came up with a solution and had the old domain properly redirecting within forty-five minutes. My client was thrilled with my rapid response time and my simple solution to what had been a vexing problem. To close out the project, I wrote up a solution brief and included instructions to help them redirect some of their other domains using the same technique.

These type of “quick hitters” are one of the things I love about freelancing. They add great variety to my workdays, and I love being able to help my clients quickly and efficiently.