This past Friday I was reacquainted with GatsbyJS, a static site generator for React. Out of the box, GatsbyJS gives you a true JAMstack framework, page resource prefetching for super fast page loads, and the ability to use your favorite CMS as a backend via GraphQL. These features are the foundation for the next generation of client websites I’ll be building: sites with lightning-fast, static frontends that can be updated via tools like WordPress and Contentful.

While I was browsing the GatsbyJS site, I started reading their docs and intro tutorial. The tech writer in me fell in love with how simple the GatsbyJS team has made it to get up to speed.

My plan is to take one or more of my personal WordPress-powered sites and rebuild them with a GatsbyJS frontend while keeping WordPress for backend post/page management. So, consider this post my stake in the ground. I anticipate GatsbyJS will be one of my major skill acquisitions of 2018. I’ll keep you posted on my progress…

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