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Meteor Kitchen

Meteor Kitchen can help you kickstart development on your next Meteor-based project. Meteor Kitchen is a code generator for Meteor.js….

What Goes Where: Making Sense of Meteor’s Client/Server Split – Discover Meteor

Sacha Greif helps us understand Meteor’s Client/Server split. One of Meteor’s biggest selling point[s] is the way it blurs the…


Rocket.chat is an open source chat solution built with Meteor.

Meteor Security Checklist – Meteor Club

Meteor Club has published a nice MeteorJS Security Checklist.

Telescope Refactor

Telescope is a MeteorJS powered application that powers sites like Product Hunt and Crater.io. Now, as per Sacha Greif’s post…

How To Deploy a Meteor.js Application on Ubuntu 14.04 with Nginx | DigitalOcean

This should be handy – a Digital Ocean Tutorial on deploying a Meteor.js App on Ubuntu 14.04 with Nginx. Deploy…

Meteor speaker kit meteor.hackpad.com

Meteor speaker kit – meteor.hackpad.com

Want to introduce other developers to Meteor? Your presentation has already been created. Check out this Meteor speaker kit. Giving…

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